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Which of the following are you most likely to address with your Schweitzer Fellowship project? CHOOSE THREE to FIVE.

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Please provide the names and contact information for two individuals who can attest to your character, either due to personal, academic, or work experience. You do NOT need to submit letters of recommendation from them. Rather, we may contact them for a reference check.

By applying to ASF, you understand that successful progress in the program requires Fellows to identify a community site (by April), plan a project (by June), and conduct 200+ hours towards planning and implementing the project (June 2020-April 2021). You also understand that a background check will be run on all who are selected prior to beginning service hours. The stipend is contingent on meeting certain benchmarks throughout the program year, including attending 80% or more of the monthly meetings, completing the service hours, conducting Pre/Post-Surveys, and submitting a Final Report.